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How to Make the Most Money

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1. Entry Admission Tickets:

If you sell entrance tickets in advance this will make sure that people attend and this will help in making it a good night. If you include a buffet or drink you can increase your ticket prices accordingly.

2. Race Sponsorship, Jockeys & Owners

You can sell Race Sponsorship for say £20 x 8 races = £160 profit. This could be a supplier, pub, restaurant or a local business. A good tip when you receive sponsorship is obviously to thank and mention the company when their race comes up. If you thank them again after the event and inform them of how much you raised, this will let them know that it was appreciated
and will increase your chances of them sponsoring you again!
If you sell the eight Jockeys in a race for £2 you will raise £16 per race, the winner gets a cash prize of £5 (£11 profit per race) or an Owner for £4 a race with a cash prize of £10 (£22
profit per race). As an alternative to a cash prize you could give bottles etc. meaning you keep all the money for your funds. You must sell all 8 horses to justify this.
download A3 Race Sponsor Sheet

3. Race Night Double Card

It’s very simple to use. First you pick a race for race night double, then decide how much each square will cost, we suggest £2.00.You then decide how much the charity will keep (there are 56 squares total £112) let’s say £72 profit, therefore the winner will receive £40 for their £2.00 bet! If you fill up the first card quickly you can always select an additional race to have as a race night double!!!
You could even have people selling this on the night of your event for each of your races, it’s very easy to do so it’s up to you! Why not position someone where the payouts are made to encourage the winners to part with their winnings!
download Double Card

4. Tote Trio Forecast

A great fun bet. Spaces on the card are bought at £1 each. 56 different combinations- only 1 per card wins. £30 to the winner, £26 to your funds. Can be used several times during the night.
Used on 8 races- profit =£208. Sell in advance and on the night
download Tote Trio Forecast

Optional Additional Games During the Event.
You may also wish to have additional race night games taking place on the night.  Here are some recommendations.

Winner from Loser:

This must be mentioned at the very start of your race night event before the start of the first race. After each race, all of the punters holding winning tickets take them to the pay-out point to receive their race night winnings.  All of the losers however, must write their name on the back of the race night ticket and put it into a cardboard box (you could position this near the race night ticket sellers).

Before the last race of the race night takes place, a draw is made and 8 tickets drawn out of the cardboard box.  Those whose names are on the back of the tickets are given a horse in that order.  These are read out so that all of the punters know who the lucky 8 people are who have a free horse in the last race.

The race is run and the winner is declared.  This person will receive a prize (either cash or a gift) it’s up to you!

The advantage of this great race night game, is that it not only keeps people interested until the end of the race night, but it keeps the floor clean of all used race night betting slips and gives the losers an opportunity to win a race night prize.

Horse Auction:

Select a race (or a couple of races) during the race night e.g. the fourth and the last and hold a race night auction.  Everyone at the race night can bid for whichever horse they like and the highest race night bidder takes the horse.  After the 8 race night horses have been auctioned, your organisation deducts a percentage i.e. 25%.  The race is run and
the balance is paid to the winning owner.

The Raffle Race:

This requires the audience to buy tickets for a ‘Star Prize’.  From the tickets sold, 8 are drawn out at random and are awarded a horse in the next race.  Whoever owns a winner, then receives a race night prize.

Sundry Raffles and Tombola’s:

In between races offers an ideal opportunity for other activities such as tombola’s and raffles.  These can contribute to the fun and profit of the race night!

How Much Can We Make?

This really depends on how much you want to make and how much time are you prepared to invest to make the race night a success. We have a lot of testimonials from organizations who have made over £1000 from this pack.

This pack contains everything you need for up to 60 people (you only need to add extra betting tickets to your order if you need more) so lets look at an conservative example of how much you could make without too much effort!

Sell race night admission tickets. 60 X £3.00 =£180.00
Find race night sponsors for each race. 8 X £20 = £160.00
Sell the race night Jockeys for each race. 8 X £11 profit =

Sell the race night owners for each race. 8 X £22 profit =

Race night betting on each race 8 X 60 X £1= £480 x 50% = £240.00
Race night double 1 sheet, £72 profit = £72.00
Tote trio forecast 1 sheet £26 profit = £26.00
Total Race Night Income from 60 guests = £942.00

You can click to download “Race Night Double” and “Tote Trio Forecast

These two fundraising sheets can be given out to other members of your organisation who can fill out the sheets with their own friends, families or colleagues who may not be attending your race night event. They could pick a winner from the sheet, and more importantly give you a great start with your fundraising before the event.

You can flex these numbers up and down depending upon your number of guests and the amount of race night sponsorship you can get.